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“I Have Never Had to Love Someone Who Beat Me,” “Real Good Meat Eater,” Beloit 69.2 (forthcoming)

“7 PM (Extended): Animal Crossing New Leaf,” “J. Bailey Hutchinson Moves 658.8 Miles North and Tries to Make It Count,” & “Butterflies Are More Metal Than Moths,” Peach Mag

"Poem Written as Barter for $366.12 in Outstanding Bills," BOAAT Summer 2019

"J. Bailey Hutchinson Takes Plan B in Marseille," "Ponytail Ode," & "Fox Song," The Boiler 29

"My Dad Has Sleep Apnea and Keeps a Loaded Gun on His Nightstand," Talking Book Press

"Learning to Swim in the Mississippi," Salamander 47

"Carne e Spirito," New South 12.1 (winner of the 2018 New South Writing Contest)

"J. Bailey Hutchinson Prays to the River," "Ouroboros as Eight-Year-Old," "Dog Not Deer," & "Beautiful Objects Small,"  Wyvern Lit Haunted III

"Things Dying & Where/Steve Hutchinson, Eagan, MN," & "The Minnesota State Fair’s Miracle of Birth Center, sponsored by Subaru," Beloit 68.2

"Became My Body, Too," Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry Awards 40 (finalist for the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry)

"Magical Girl," & "The Great Saiyagirl," Freezeray Journal 14

"Cherry Blossom Impact,"  Bear Review 4.1

“Midsouth,” & “Things Dying and Where/No-name Cat, Eads, TN,” LIT Magazine 31

Excerpts from "Thinking Errors," Hobart

"Jeffrey & Jr. Skinning a Deer," & "Living Alone," Front Porch Journal 23

"When I Make Dinner in Marseille,"  Beecher's Magazine 6

"Plenum," Big Lucks 7


Teeth Never Sleep, Ángel Garcia

Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl, Dianne Seuss

Condomnauts, Yoss

Destruction of Man, Abraham Smith

Kitaro’s Strange Adventures, Shigeru Mizuki (trans. Zack Davisson)

Heartland, Ana Simo

They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us, Hanif Abdurraqib


MFA Thesis Reading (Fayetteville, AR) April 2019

Pegasus Reading Series (Dallas, TX) November 2018

9 by the Light (Fayetteville, AR) March 2018

Impossible Language (Memphis, TN) July 2017

9 by the Light (Fayetteville, AR) February 2016